Saturday, December 6, 2014


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Had a simple but lovely birthday this year. Thank you for all the wishes, love and thoughtfulness! 

Year 25 was a year of transitions. Cannot wait to see what my 26th year has in store for me! :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

green & gold

I feel like I don't have much time for myself these days juggling so many different things at the same time, but I'm loving life right now!

My birthday's in two days and I'll be taking the day off to indulge myself. Think I deserve a little bit of pampering after working so hard this year. :D

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Anyway wanted to share pictures of the gold and green rustic dessert table that I set up for a wedding at Suffolk House last weekend. 

As crazy as it gets, I absolutely LOVE every single minute of it...from the planning to sourcing to baking and setting up!

This time around it was extra crazy though cause my dad, who usually helps me in setting up was out of town. So i had to lug everything by myself into and out from my car, and up one floor by stairs to the venue to set up. 

Whoever said that you can't grow biceps overnight has obviously has not done this before lo please. I was a complete mess after everything was done!

Thankfully i had M to help me clear up after the wedding was over because my arms would have totally fallen off me from carrying everything back down again. 

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Pretty happy with how the dessert table turned out. :) 

I recycled some wine bottles and fancified them with gold spray, which I only spraying at 3am the night before cause it was really such a hectic week!

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But my favourite bit has got to be that darling of a typewriter I managed to find at the very last minute. A proper vintage one too!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

a british affair

My mum came into my room just now and very nicely asked me if i would like to clean my room up because its not fit to live in anymore. :P

Its a surprise she haven't kick me out of the house yet with all the mess lying around considering she's the neatest person ever.
If you need to know, she sweeps our floor at least 2-3 times a day because she said dust is there even though you can't see it. Ha! I love her. :) 

So I tried la okay I tried. Started putting away the luggage i brought down to KL last weekend and then suddenly remembered that i haven't blog about amanthhat's birthday yet.

No need to guess what I'm doing now instead. /weak smile

I put the P in procrastination. 

Okay I'll make this post super quick! 
Sooooo..this year we thought of doing a british themed party for Amanthhat cause she's an anglophile (like meeee!). 

We booked a room at Invito Suites and sneakily set up a little suprise party for her...

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Red and blue to represent colors of the union jack!
Took me four hours to complete that paper fan backdrop, a labour party we have there alright. 

And also some british inspired food, or more like food that we ate a lot when we were studying in liverpool ie bacon and pies :P

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Cookies and chips were also key players in our diet there....I dont think my arteries missed my days in liverpool that much.

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I was supposed to meet up with daniel but then my schedule was really packed so i invited him along to surprise amanthhat too. And its always nice to have a handy man around to help you do all the heavy duty stuff like fry eggs and sausages. :D

A shame xin xin wasn't with us this time around cause she's currently working in korea. We managed to skype with her a bit but its still not the same. We miss you xin! =( 

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Fried runny egg, baked beans, mushrooms, BACONNNN and english sausage...not the full works but this will do. ;)

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natural light = need for selfies :P

Friday, November 14, 2014


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Funny how i was just talking in my last post about having more clarity now, but the day after I had to face a situation which threw me off balance.

What can you do when the heart wants what the head doesn't want?