Monday, April 14, 2014

johnny rockets

I was down in KL with my parents last weekend to settle some stuff. Took the chance to meet up with my babygurlz for dinner!

It feels like not too long ago I just met them but acheli already 3 months eh. =X 
Sucks to be so far away from them. 

 photo DSC_0277a_zpsb2304514.jpg
Amanthhat suggested Johnny Rockets at Avenue K, which was designed like an old school american diner. My vintage loving soul went a little cray cray!

 photo DSC_0276a_zps0d9e334a.jpg

 photo DSC_0236a_zpsc2e4d828.jpg

 photo DSC_0221a_zps7b0e6dd8.jpg
Once in a while, the music would suddenly get really loud and the waiter and waitresses will then break into a dance. How fun!

 photo DSC_0253a_zps88333df4.jpg
We ordered too much food for us to handle. But I always believe the more the happier when it comes to food. :D

 photo DSC_0271a_zps97331c0b.jpg
Every time a dish arrives, the waiter did a cute ketchup art for us. 

 photo DSC_0259a_zpsff0e2ff4.jpg
Attack the cheezeeeh friiiiez! 

 photo DSC_0240a_zps91cc451f.jpg
Mine muahahaha.
But i had to takeaway half of it cause it was zomgosh humongous!

 photo DSC_0251a_zpsea6ee943.jpg
Two loves of my life - burgers + that lady! 

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Today i went for afternoon tea at TWG and got to be a half day tai tai!
Normally I don't get this kinda luxury one so please don't be envious and think I'm living the life. /slump shoulders

 photo DSC_0190a_zps919f9416.jpg
 photo DSC_0170a_zps2ff334e9.jpg
 photo IMG-20140408-WA0014_zps8231b018a_zps7ac253b5.jpg

Love the ambience at TWG!
But there were a few times I laughed a bit too loud for the glam surroundings. >.<

 photo DSC_0182a_zpscb5ca9d4.jpg
 photo DSC_0179a_zps8712fbfb.jpg
 photo DSC_0152a_zps97183d46.jpg
 photo DSC_0142a_zpsdec48f8d.jpg
 photo DSC_0166a_zpsf0b07d03.jpg

We had the Chic afternoon tea set which came with a pot of tea, some sandwiches and two scones.
The tea selection there is crazy! Something like 200 types or even more? O_o

We ordered two additional macarons too but still feel i don't quite like the taste of macarons in general. Aih my tastebuds are not cut out for a tai tai.

I wouldn't say this is the best afternoon tea I've had (ritz is still my current favourite), but its lovely place to spend a quiet afternoon with friends and take many instagram worthy pictures!

 photo DSC_0120a-tile_zpsf479619e.jpg
Wannabe tai tai ootd

Dress: Random boutique
Boots : h&m
Clutch : hong kong

Monday, April 7, 2014

the peak

 photo DSC_0521a_zpsf59633a1.jpg
On Sunday morning we met Woan Sein's friends (who were the nicest people!) for breakfast at Capital Cafe.

This is my favourite char chan teng among all the ones we went to. 

I had french toast. It was light, crispy and not oily.  
But the thing i really love there was the yin yong. It was superly deliciously smooth!

Also woan sein's pork bun tasted better than the one we had in Macau. Even though Macau is supposed to be famous for it. =X
Heard that their scrambled eggs are really good too.  

After breakfast, we headed over to The Vine for church service. 
And then up to the Peak we go! 

 photo DSC_0629a_zpsc70b3ead.jpg
The view up there was SPECTACULAR. 
I love love love city skylines and I think Hong Kong is kicking a lot of cities' butts with theirs. 

 photo DSC_0618a_zps425cf30d.jpg
The only decent shot of me cause the rest all look like.....

 photo DSC_0610a_zpsedac8ac9.jpg
THIS. -_- Gao meng ah it was reaaaally windy!

 photo DSC_0576a_zpsdc022e68.jpg
Obligatory cheesy tourist shot

 photo DSC_0634a_zps8c38f2d0.jpg
So so beautiful

 photo DSC_0649a_zps36abf8eb.jpg
I was lamenting to Woan Sein's friend over breakfast that I haven't get to try a really good egg tart yet. Except for the one in Macao.

Then while walking around the mall at the Peak, we chanced upon this bakery selling egg tarts which were just freshly baked from the oven.
Later on only I found out it was actually THE famous tai cheong bakery.

 photo DSC_0664a_zpsa145f706.jpg
We bought two to try and GOODNESS IT WAS SO SO GOOD. /fans tears

So good I went back and bought one all for myself to eat muahaha.
My holiday is complete. :D 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

dimdim dimsum // macau!

We started our day at Dimdim Dimsum. Guess what they specialise in. If you can't you can call yourself a dimdim dimwit. Ahaha.

It was just around the corner from where we stayed and read good reviews of it online so of course we had to go!

 photo DSC_0160a_zps031f8e98.jpg

I super love the dimsum here! 

In fact to me it was the BEST meal in hong kong.
We were clueless on what to order so we just ordered everything that was recommended on the menu. :D

 photo DSC_0172a_zps64f4db06.jpg
Lo bak go (radish cake)!

It was crispy on the outside and sooooo soft on the inside. Our chopsticks broke through the lo bak go when we pick it up cause it was that soft. 

 photo DSC_0171a_zpse74d6559.jpg
Polo pao with real pineapple filling inside leh!

Back home, our polo pau are usually all filled with butter only so when I took my first bite, I was kinda stunned and ask the girls why is there pineapple shreds in here?! They replied that this is how real po lo pau is supposed to be like.

I've been scammed all my life. 0_O

 photo DSC_0183a_zpsf5ddfd6a.jpg
Cute little piggiez liu sa pao

 photo DSC_0204a_zpsffc8b37f.jpg
Which looked even better when you tear it open. Look at that oozy salted eggz custaaaardz in  all its glory.

 photo DSC_0189a_zpsc6caa976.jpg
Shrimp rice flour rolls. 
I loved everything we ordered so far but this one is the ULTIMATE. 

It looks soft on the outside but when you take a bite, there is this surprise layer of fried crispy rice flour which stays crispy throughout! And the prawn inside was also sooooo fresh. /tears

After breakfast, we took the MTR to the harbour to caught the ferry to Macau!

 photo DSC_0227a_zps09893d8f.jpg

Jacket, skirt, boots: H&M

Scarf : Flea market
Satchel : Vincci

 photo DSC_0232a_zps7ba61c2f.jpg

 photo DSC_0231a_zps03a9db2f.jpg
Pop of color on a grey rainy day 

 photo DSC_0277a_zps03195baf.jpg

 photo DSC_0293a_zps6c9b1547.jpg
 photo DSC_0258a_zps570f082b.jpg
Finally reached St Paul's ruins!

 photo DSC_0271a_zpsdb2b407a.jpg
Look at all the tourist behind us!

I didn't take many pictures after this cause my feet were killing me!!! T_T

We walked quite abit to reach the St Paul's ruins and the whole way leading up to it was sloppy. My feet totally died in those boots. /sobs uncontrollably

After St Paul's ruins, we took the bus to The Venetian. 

The bus ride was a bit of a drama. 

Firstly the bus was soooo packed we were literally in an embrace with the person next to us. Ummm, awwwkward?

Secondly, Yi Lin got followed around the bus by a hamsap lou. o_O

And lastly, we missed our stop. -_- 

We didn't know we had to get down at the bus stop opposite The Venetian. We assumed the bus was gonna make a U turn so we just continued sitting on the bus and were so tired by then we all FELL ASLEEP. 
All three of us. -_-

We woke up in panic when suddenly the lights in the bus was turned off and we looked like we were in the middle of nowhere.

And we were the only three left in the bus.


Thank God the bus just stopped briefly at the bus headquarters and restarted its route again. 

 photo P1000917a_zps3601ee33.jpg
Finally reached the Venetian!
They had recreated the rivers like those you find in Venetia and even made a fake sky which felt quite real!
Trust the chinese to replicate anything. 

We had dinner at the food court where I had some seriously overpriced thai food. 

Paid nearly rm40 for a bowl of tom yam noodles. =X
But I was dying for something sour & spicy food so aiya splurge la.

 photo DSC_0303a_zps4a322aff.jpg
One of the main reason we visited The Venetian was to try the dan tarts from Lord Stow's bakery. Apparently they are one of the best in macau. 

We were still full from dinner so we took away our order and had it in our room for supper instead. 

I have to say, it was the best dan tart I've ever eaten!!!!! 

It had a really flaky pastry crust and the egg filing was super smooth and soft and jiggly with a slightly burnt caramelised top which was soooo goooooood. 

Very tiring day but all the good food we had made up for it! :)