Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Inspiration : Living Area

There has been some changes in my life in the past 9 months since my last post (has it really been that long?!), and among them was me moving to my own space! ^_^

4 years ago when i first stepped foot into the working world, i was renting a room in KL and hated every second of it. It felt too lonely and I dreaded going back to an empty room after a hectic work day.

But fast forward to the present, while i do miss my family a lot, I actually love living on my own! I relish being by myself, and having the space to host friends for meals/stayovers. It has all been very lovely. 

I would say one of the best parts of living by myself would be the freedom to style my place however i want! Two things I've learned though:-

1) Furniture is bloody expensive

2) I'm incredibly fickle minded

It took me forever to decide on a theme! After debating with myself about a million times, I finally settled for a grey/black/white scandinavian theme. I would love to share here some photos on my home, but it is still very much a work in progress with plenty of awkward empty spaces. =/

So in the mean time while i get things together, I thought i would like to share with you my inspiration instead...

 #living #scandinavian:
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  Large round mirror above a wood bench--- for the modern(ish) lovers:
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No Closet, No Problem: 10 Fixes for Apartments with a Lack of Closets:
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Myka and George's Modern Abode — House Tour:
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Lovely dining room.. so light and fresh :):
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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

cozy in the rocket

 photo 8B637369-2ECE-4688-957F-831BD2A44753_zpsca44mnmm.jpg.
 photo 489D6041-660F-4E4E-A91B-DE23413309B2_zpstv98fzce.jpg
 photo download 3_zpsngavuf5j.jpg
Revisit to Cozy in the Rocket. Last time i was here was two years ago in 2013. 

Our plan was to have lunch at Yellow Lips at 12pm. 

But from 12pm changed to 12.30pm changed to 1.30pm. Add on with a massive jam by the time we arrived at Yellow Lips it was 2.30pm already. XD #malaysiantiming

Which was too late cause the kitchen was closing. 

So we had to change lunch to cozy in the rocket instead. 

 photo F3C166C6-D0B4-4CC9-8F11-95AE0D3A9BBD_zpsokjf2yv6.jpg

 photo 5B0DD900-6164-4F7F-B679-7ACFE54AFEC8_zpswa97jv9g.jpg

The pasta that we ordered were not too bad, unfortunately service was still slow as my last visit there. 

Pasta was rm25 nett each, and a ghastly rm15 for a glass of tropical juice, which to be honest taste just like orange juice. -__-

Unfortunately, don't think i'll return again if given a choice. 

 photo C29DDB7C-8F56-4E27-BD04-9D83502CA413_zpsodbxltxh.jpg

 photo 3D34F880-770F-40D7-B189-8301DC72D7F3_zpsjpssdvma.jpg

Dress: Miss Selfridge
Bag: Vincci
Shoes: Rubi

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

railay nice

 photo 59434CD5-F95E-4D99-BC76-4B667CC65611_zpsyjh6buod.jpg

I just got back from my island holiday with Mike and my brothers!

We spent nearly a week in Railay, a little island off Krabi. Its so small that you can get to most parts of the island by foot. 

We didn't realised until we got there that it was low season cause it was the beginning of the monsoon season. Thank God we enjoyed fairly good weather still!

 photo A63AE723-967C-4126-A816-177F2852FF3A_zpsmo7xky3q.jpg

 photo B4008D34-7656-40EA-93C0-5D0CAD9D84EE_zpsrpm8ha01.jpg
 photo download 1_zpsme9tanlw.jpg

For our first two nights, we stayed at the Railay Great View Resort

The resort was a killer. 

Like literally. 

It was on the furthest part of East Railay, and built on a hill. T_T

On the first day, all four of us nearly died getting to the reception area with all our luggages. I could hear myself wheezing, and i don't even suffer from asthma.  

 photo 9BF8EE6B-1517-445D-A464-8EECC1030050_zpscajgsjmf.jpg

 photo 1D94C11A-B28A-4F16-BD2B-F3CF362A7160_zpsnexsxy1v.jpg
Other that that one bit, i really like the resort! 

It was beautifully done up and had a nice mix of traditional and modern. It felt like a private resort too cause it is about a 10 minutes walk from the next resort. Also came with a nice infinity pool overlooking the sea which we highly took advantage of. ;)

 photo 166ED266-80B1-4155-89E3-F2C08CC44F5A_zpsy0b2da1j.jpg
Dinner on the first night at The Last Bar. All these food (and some more actually) for 3 people. Obviously over ordered la but THAI FOOD THO. ^_^

 photo CCA69A5E-D277-4053-BA0C-15E676CBD86F_zpsdrpkaxbz.jpg
We saw a Thai cooking class advertised near our resort and Mike knew i really wanted to join so he signed the both of us up for it. It turned out to be one of the highlights of our holiday! :)

There was only the two of us in the class. I suppose one thing good about going off season is that there's less people there. :D

 photo 6DE4B652-DFDC-4284-87BB-0A7E29F28F8F_zps3yi8ujdv.jpg

 photo 38431D19-E75D-4CA9-B916-96311BEABC6A_zpsc7zfd4xs.jpg
All the foooood we cooked! 

We learnt how to make 8 different thai dishes - green curry, lard na, som tum, tom yum, pad thai, chicken satay with peanut sauce, stir fry chicken with cashew nut and mango sticky rice.

We were closely guided by the chef (who has 20 years experience working in 5 star hotels) and everything was prepared from scratch. The food was absolutely delicious!

 photo B004C7E2-A071-46F8-ABEE-1AB88BF9AF4E_zpsmi9qir4a.jpg
Best part of the class was tucking into our food! :D

 photo 7E27B368-5BDF-401A-890A-7C35DBDBF322_zpsuficp3ah.jpg
The Tew Lay Bar is just next to the cooking school. Its a really nice place to chill with some drinks and enjoy the beautiful view.

 photo download 3_zps3lt6fwpo.jpg
Checked into Phutawan Resort for our third and fourth night. It was nearer to where all the shops and restaurants are. 

Still a bit of a walk from the main road to the resort but not as jialat as Great View. 

 photo 6857F793-6BDB-46A5-94C9-4D58846C08BA_zpscyt2odpn.jpg

Breakfast at Phutawan

 photo download_zpsypcoetn1.jpg

We found this thai pancake place at Seed Pad Thai restaurant and we were obsessed! 

Buttery crispy roti stuffed with bananas and slathered with Nutella...HOW NOT TO BE OBSESSED YOU TELL ME. Also tried banana peanut butter another time and it was super yums too!

 photo 0CB416C0-3AAD-4606-9D38-0FF3811D3183_zps5k1d6gr6.jpg

 photo download 2_zpspp6ftcfr.jpg
One of the days, we went on an island hopping tour. Which was also the only one day it decided to rain in our 6 days there. -__- 

Andddddd...the day I realised that I don't enjoy swimming in the deep ocean. 

Our boat stopped off an island and everyone was happily jumping off our boat. I excitedly followed suit with my snorkeling gear on and when my body hit the water i was suddenly overcome by fear. 

felt like i was drowning no matter how much i was kicking my legs trying to stay afloat and not like i'm a weak swimmer cause i've been swimming since i was 5! 

And i couldn't breath cause i wasn't used to the snorkeling gear and in my panic started drinking sea water. 

I freaked out big time and starting shrieking for the boys save me. Yala proper shrieking even though they were just right next to me. I can be quite dramatic in my desperation. 

So ended up the 3 boys had to push me to the boat. All 3 of them hurhurhur.

Tried going into the sea again for the second time, this time with a life jacket on but still felt like i was gonna drown, so went in and came out straight. DON'T KNOW WHY I'M SO LAME MY TIAN. 

I suppose the thought of the unknown scares me. 

 photo 807E8F5D-9C0A-4B0A-8E27-E6BAC7306005_zpsv1pfrt4v.jpg

Spent one of our afternoons at the Phranam Beach, which was a 15 minutes walk from our resort. 

 photo 64B869A2-9225-493F-BFC5-E2F54C4E44E1_zps0ugi1apq.jpg

 photo B55116CD-8079-4650-A7CF-9A4C46474BC0_zpsd2w2ahtd.jpg
We managed to catch the sunset on our last evening there, the perfect way to end our holiday :)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Il Bacaro

Yay I finally bought a wifi SD card for my dslr!

No more excuses of laziness to transfer pictures to my laptop (which honestly tho takes forever to load cause it's ancient but I ain't got the monies to get myself a new laptop hurhurhur), cause I can now easily just transfer the pictures to my phone instead woop!

Anywaaaays. Date night last night!
It's been quite some time since M and I went on a proper date.

So it was exciting to dress up and go somewhere nice for dinner tonight. ^_^

We usually go to Via Pre for our Italian fix but decided to be adventurous and try out Il Bacaro instead.

We ordered the 9 starter platter to share between the both of us, and that was filling enough. Or THANK THE HEAVENS maybe our appetites have shrunk. 'Bout time actually ufff.

Anyway my favorites were the duck bacon fried balls with caramelized onions (sidenote: didn't even know duck bacon exist! o_O) and also the clams in white wine.

M's debut on my blog :D
 photo download 1_zpst7xs2qvs.jpg

Wanted something light for dessert so we had the affogato, which was decent too!