Sunday, November 16, 2014

a british affair

My mum came into my room just now and very nicely asked me if i would like to clean my room up because its not fit to live in anymore. :P

Its a surprise she haven't kick me out of the house yet with all the mess lying around considering she's the neatest person ever.
If you need to know, she sweeps our floor at least 2-3 times a day because she said dust is there even though you can't see it. Ha! I love her. :) 

So I tried la okay I tried. Started putting away the luggage i brought down to KL last weekend and then suddenly remembered that i haven't blog about amanthhat's birthday yet.

No need to guess what I'm doing now instead. /weak smile

I put the P in procrastination. 

Okay I'll make this post super quick! 
Sooooo..this year we thought of doing a british themed party for Amanthhat cause she's an anglophile (like meeee!). 

We booked a room at Invito Suites and sneakily set up a little suprise party for her...

 photo DSC_1377a_zps655f82d2.jpg

Red and blue to represent colors of the union jack!
Took me four hours to complete that paper fan backdrop, a labour party we have there alright. 

And also some british inspired food, or more like food that we ate a lot when we were studying in liverpool ie bacon and pies :P

 photo DSC_1379a_zpsa6950e4f.jpg
Cookies and chips were also key players in our diet there....I dont think my arteries missed my days in liverpool that much.

 photo DSC_1402a_zpsc3f99440.jpg

 photo 10703725_10152483355320662_3685734423322847521_n_zps11d75966.jpg
I was supposed to meet up with daniel but then my schedule was really packed so i invited him along to surprise amanthhat too. And its always nice to have a handy man around to help you do all the heavy duty stuff like fry eggs and sausages. :D

A shame xin xin wasn't with us this time around cause she's currently working in korea. We managed to skype with her a bit but its still not the same. We miss you xin! =( 

 photo 7586_10152458318988683_7725043756259919072_n_zpscda6c0c5.jpg
Fried runny egg, baked beans, mushrooms, BACONNNN and english sausage...not the full works but this will do. ;)

 photo 2014-11-15 11.40.24 1_zpsixijtwns.jpg
natural light = need for selfies :P

Friday, November 14, 2014


 photo 2014-10-26 09.23.47 3_zps1pyt162x.jpg

Funny how i was just talking in my last post about having more clarity now, but the day after I had to face a situation which threw me off balance.

What can you do when the heart wants what the head doesn't want?

Monday, November 10, 2014

feringghi garden

Hello helloooo!

I know I've disappeared for the longest time, its just that I was going through some things in life and was feeling a little lost so I decided to take a break from blogging. 

But I'm feeling more like myself now and definitely missed talking about frivolous stuff and taking pictures of everything, so I'm back! :P

Kicking things off with a backlog post on pinnee's birthday which happened about a month back!

 photo 2014-10-11 11.51.38 2_zpsueqprkgs.jpg
We had brunch at Feringghi Garden which is all the way up in batu feringghi but totally worth the long drive cause it's super pretty! /tear

 photo DSC_1166a_zps959636eb.jpg
Yuwa's egg benedict which tasted as delicious as it looks! A shame that they use beef bacon instead of pork though.

 photo DSC_1185a_zps3e4215e2.jpg
The sandglass which came with my cup of tea, so that i'll know when my tea's ready. Ultra cute! I looove little details like this. 

 photo DSC_1174a_zpsd0c068a6.jpg
I'm only ever this concentrated when it involves food :P

My breakfast platter had ham & smoked salmon sandwiches, pumpkin on toast and scones. Its more than enough for two and I thought everything on it was pretty decent!

Okay maybe except the scones, it could have been a tad crumblier, but then again I'm really particular when it comes to scones.

 photo 1798547_10152403559368683_5020969774297375262_n_zpsc312ebd4.jpg
pinnee and yuwa

 photo DSC_1289c_zps635af75f.jpg
Playsuit : Zalora
Wedges: Cotton On
Bag: Vincci

And I've really missed posting my OOTD shots!!!
It does feel good to be back. :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

why hello there

Its been a little over a month since my last post, and I don't think I've ever been away from my blog for this long before! 

If I can be completely honest with you its because my mind has been clouded with lotsa things and I just don't feel quite like myself lately.

And also two weeks ago, I got admitted to the hospital for high fever and was tested positive for dengue. Which was really the worst experience EVER for me. 

My fever kept fluctuating, my back hurt so crushingly bad they had to give me painkillers, I kept feeling like I wanna throw up every time I ate something, and just generally felt extremely tired. 

At one point, I really thought I would never feel healthy again. T_T
And staying in the hospital for a week is really no fun.

But during this period, I also managed to find comfort in the word of God. Thank God for His mercies! :)

Met up with Tiffany today cause she's in Penang for a holiday, and oh maaaan I've missed her so much! 
We used to sit a cubicle away from each other at office and had so much (sneaky) fun together. :D

She's really the most supportive, generous and funniest person I know and I'm so happy we managed to spend a lovely afternoon together today!