Sunday, March 8, 2015

valentine's surprise at 1885

So M planned a valentine's day surprise for me the saturday after. He just asked me to do two things, wear something nice and take my camera with me. 

 photo 80BB8A39-DA6A-492B-B644-8D80E1A77334_zpsr7aegzpg.jpg
This was where he brought me, afternoon tea at 1885! 
Cause he knows I love afternoon tea and remembers me saying that I've not tried the one at E&O (i don't even remember telling him that -__-).

He sure knows the way to my heart. /hearts in eyes

 photo download_zpsdfansunn.jpg

 photo 2966C15F-D911-4360-854C-95EE448860B1_zpsoh1c1u6q.jpg

The spread was actually pretty decent, considering I've read so many bad reviews about the food there. 
And of course, the place was beautiful!

But we were both so hungry (didn't eat breakfast & lunch) so we finished our afternoon tea rather quickly instead of leisurely savouring it like how people would normally do. 
I think we spent more time taking selfies than eating actually. Lololol. 

 photo DSC_0458a_zpsfszferu6.jpg

 photo DSC_0505a_zps7ypajdgv.jpg

 photo 74CBB4D4-5B07-438A-8392-15DA8E73FCDF_zpstmihltud.jpg
Dress: Mango
Loafers & bag: Vincci

Friday, February 20, 2015

valentine's picnic

 photo 4EB402EF-A60A-4C2C-BD8A-2A4538B068A2_zpsn8twedmv.jpg
We planned to celebrate Valentine's Day the week after (tomorrow btw!) cause I thought I was gonna be busy on the actual day.

Turned out I wasn't as busy as I thought. M wanted to go for a picnic at botanical gardens before so I suggested we go there on the 14th instead. And I'll plan it since he's planning the other already.

 photo CCE98617-ED41-4CE7-B338-5D4345ECC307_zpsotdjfmtu.jpg
This was what I surprised M with...

Watermelon and kiwi
Roasted garlic and tomatoes, bacon and fried egg sandwich
Salad with roasted pumpkin and pork sausages
Lemon water infused with mint, strawberries and blueberries

Lai anyone wanna give me best girlfriend award? =P

 photo 12569C3E-6089-4CE0-8BDF-0ABA1BE17417_zpsx5qu0qsj.jpg
Finally get to properly use my straw bag for a picnic!

 photo 86F3281B-6450-4AEE-91B7-355C7FB96E6F_zpsdtx4mxye.jpg
With our picnic spread!

This spot actually holds a very special place in my heart as my parents used to bring us here for picnics too when we were younger. :)

We were having quite a lovely time  when suddenly a monkey intruded wanting to snatch our food. -_-

I just froze when it came nearer cause it looked fierce okay, and my ice cream got snatched by a monkey once before too when I was younger so got phobia. 

Good thing I still managed to quickly grabbed my phone and  bag first, but that was also after M kept shouting at me to grab our things hahaha. 

You should have seen me I was looking like this O_O the whole time.

 photo 7BD9AB16-9C20-4378-BBA9-03B29AC49440_zpshtbdvakz.jpg
The insides of our sandwich myeheheh

Monday, February 2, 2015

muka head

Remember i talked about wanting to be more active in 2015

Well surprise surprise I'm still gung ho about it. Usually the enthusiasm dies off within a week bahaha. Suppose cause M is doing it with me so I've someone to motivate me when i feel like slacking!

So last Saturday we hiked from teluk bahang to muka head.

 photo B7F31FB4-7A3F-4E5E-9A23-67DEE6DFC766_zpso8t9g8nz.jpg
Fuel before the hike - wan tan mee & roti babi! 

 photo 4BF9D647-9903-462B-AF86-A6C61748204D_zpsd7dloul3.jpg
Muka head! 

Okay obviously this picture has been filtered and the waters are not as blue. But it is still a beautiful place to be on a weekend!

I think we are getting a bit better at this hiking thing. We got there faster than our previous hike in and didn't feel as tired too woooo /flexes muscles

 photo IMG_0340_zps98d465b9.jpg
 photo download2_zpsbe66b4e7.jpg
After that it was just chilling by the beach. Though chilling's not the appropriate word cause it was sibeh hot la please. 

And did you noticed a difference in my pictures! :D
I got myself an iphone 6 recently cause my s3 was just driving me crazy (ie. kept restarting by its own, super lagging and i accidentally cracked my screen too whooops). 

And i have to say i really love my new phone! It is really smooth and fast, and would you just look at the pictures /tears up

 photo B84AEE23-72DA-483D-8F7F-F722D9A61DE8_zpsis9v8prq.jpg
After nearly dying from a heatstroke in the sun, we headed over to Gala House for our very late lunch. 
I had the Fisherman's burger which came with a good serving of crispy fries. Can you see the joy radiating through my entire being.

Just last week, someone actually commented that my eyes light up when i talk about burgers. 

 photo F63F46FC-D6D6-48E0-AE74-536EB9A5B9F6_zpsbdxggbwb.jpg
Burger was good! And super humongous but then I still managed to finish it all up :P

Buns and fish fillet were crispy, and doesn't taste fishy. I would come back again for this, heard the kimchi salmon spaghetti's good too!

Monday, January 5, 2015

hike up penang hill!

Happy 2015 guys! 

I'm actually really excited for this year and all it has to bring. So many things to look forward to! 

One of the areas which I really want to focus on is fitness. Because cannot la, I'm starting to feel my clothes getting tighter. T_T

I haven't set a goal of how many kgs to lose cause I think that can quickly become quite demotivating. Instead, I'm just gonna make sure I spend at least half an hour everyday exercising. :D

I want to mix things up a bit to make my workouts more interesting so I'm planning to rotate between jogging, hiking, swimming and workout classes at the gym.

To kickstart things off, we went on our first hike of the year up penang hill last saturday!  

 photo 2015-01-03 07.29.25 2_zpsipiv8lh1.jpg
Lunch before the hike. 

Not shown is a plate of char koay teow shared between me and M (so much for fitness har har), which was the biggest mistake ever. Cause 15 minutes into the hike I felt nauseas and wanted to throw up. -_-

 photo 2015-01-03 10.46.25 3_zpsbbcgmrrs.jpg
But I managed to soldier on and after 45 minutes, we reached platform 55! 

At this point, I wanted to call it a day and hike down. But M was like noooo, we can't be losers we gotta hike up all the way to the top of penang hill. 

I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue (due to the nausea) because that would mean no turning back as it would be too dark to do so.
But oklah new year must challenge oneself ma, and I was feeling better already so off we went!

This was where things became quite scary (for me). o_O

Initially we met some other hikers who were coming down, but then it started to get really really quiet and for half an hour it was only the two of us. 

Which made me worried and thought maybe we went off trail cause how come we're not meeting anyone else already! 
But actually we weren't la cause we were following these yellow markers along the trail. 

Then I thought eh maybe these markers were left by bad people to lead us somewhere so that they can kidnap us. 
The same time I was thinking that I was also doubting my sanity. 

The only thing that has gone off trail was my mind la please. -__-

And I suddenly remembered all those ghost stories I've heard about penang hill so I kept thinking that we're gonna meet a ghost around the next corner hahahaha. Can laugh now la but I was genuinely scared okay, so scared my legs went a bit weak I actually slipped and fell. -__-

After all this, then M told me 'Oh by the way just a heads up, we're gonna reach a tar road after this which is a difficult stretch cause it's steep.'
Walao you don't say earlier?! 

Not exaggerating it was really steep, some parts it was about 45 degree. And it was a good 2.5km of that. :O

But anyway after 2.5 more hours we finally reached the top and got rewarded with a super gorgeous view of penang island! :)

And surprisingly the next day my legs weren't as sore as I thought it would be!