Thursday, January 15, 2015

tuesday night

 photo 2015-01-13 09.02.22 1_zpsrfb6ntxc.jpg

M & I have been ironing out some differences we have lately. Bound to happen when you put two people from totally different cultures/backgrounds together. 

Last night we dressed up, went for dinner at our favourite italian restaurant and then china house for tiramisu, where a nice two piece band was playing. We ate, we sang, we laughed, we silly danced.

It was good to remember that I like being with him, just that.
And that he makes me laugh a lot. :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

hike up penang hill!

Happy 2015 guys! 

I'm actually really excited for this year and all it has to bring. So many things to look forward to! 

One of the areas which I really want to focus on is fitness. Because cannot la, I'm starting to feel my clothes getting tighter. T_T

I haven't set a goal of how many kgs to lose cause I think that can quickly become quite demotivating. Instead, I'm just gonna make sure I spend at least half an hour everyday exercising. :D

I want to mix things up a bit to make my workouts more interesting so I'm planning to rotate between jogging, hiking, swimming and workout classes at the gym.

To kickstart things off, we went on our first hike of the year up penang hill last saturday!  

 photo 2015-01-03 07.29.25 2_zpsipiv8lh1.jpg
Lunch before the hike. 

Not shown is a plate of char koay teow shared between me and M (so much for fitness har har), which was the biggest mistake ever. Cause 15 minutes into the hike I felt nauseas and wanted to throw up. -_-

 photo 2015-01-03 10.46.25 3_zpsbbcgmrrs.jpg
But I managed to soldier on and after 45 minutes, we reached platform 55! 

At this point, I wanted to call it a day and hike down. But M was like noooo, we can't be losers we gotta hike up all the way to the top of penang hill. 

I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue (due to the nausea) because that would mean no turning back as it would be too dark to do so.
But oklah new year must challenge oneself ma, and I was feeling better already so off we went!

This was where things became quite scary (for me). o_O

Initially we met some other hikers who were coming down, but then it started to get really really quiet and for half an hour it was only the two of us. 

Which made me worried and thought maybe we went off trail cause how come we're not meeting anyone else already! 
But actually we weren't la cause we were following these yellow markers along the trail. 

Then I thought eh maybe these markers were left by bad people to lead us somewhere so that they can kidnap us. 
The same time I was thinking that I was also doubting my sanity. 

The only thing that has gone off trail was my mind la please. -__-

And I suddenly remembered all those ghost stories I've heard about penang hill so I kept thinking that we're gonna meet a ghost around the next corner hahahaha. Can laugh now la but I was genuinely scared okay, so scared my legs went a bit weak I actually slipped and fell. -__-

After all this, then M told me 'Oh by the way just a heads up, we're gonna reach a tar road after this which is a difficult stretch cause it's steep.'
Walao you don't say earlier?! 

Not exaggerating it was really steep, some parts it was about 45 degree. And it was a good 2.5km of that. :O

 photo 2015-01-04 10.02.49 1_zps1ehgi27a.jpg
But anyway after 2.5 more hours we finally reached the top and got rewarded with this super gorgeous view of penang island! :)

And surprisingly the next day my legs weren't as sore as I thought it would be!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

the week before christmas & food trip!

Last week was just one big bunch of crazies!

 photo 10647194_308884605978711_306717468134657926_n_zps95cace1e.jpg

Did a pop up store for Apple Blossom at Penang Plaza the friday before Christmas.
It was such a happy day for me cause the response we received was beyond what I expected!

I went off at noon to pick up some baking stuff from my supplier and to bring in a bit more desserts to top up the store.
Then on my way back to Penang Plaza, Serene called to say that there was nothing much left for her to buy cause everything was almost sold out! =O

 photo 10858527_309268442606994_3996823464021202436_n_zps21ce4385.jpg

 photo 10885578_311011255766046_5469325120139112853_n_zpsb444f257.jpg

The next few days was just a baking blur.

On Christmas eve, worked half day in office and rushed to Gurney to get last minute christmas presents for family and friends. Which quickly became super stressful obviously. >_<

Every year I tell myself that I will never leave my christmas shopping to the last minute again, but its been 10 years and nothing's changed. -_-

Came back from shopping and continued baking until 5 in the morning. Its actually times like this when doubt start to creep into your mind. 

I was properly worn out by Christmas morning, and i was telling myself okay i needa stop!

Say only la, but did i? 
Nope. -_-

Decided to host a Christmas dinner on the 26th for 8 of our friends. I made roast pork belly, potato gratin, coleslaw, and pavlova while my dad prepared chicken kurma and tomyam mee hoon. 
It was a super mad rush again but totally worth it when you see everyone around the table enjoying themselves (ie stuffing their faces with food hehehe).

And then on the 27th, went down to KL for a short holiday! Where it was just eating and more eating. :P

 photo 2014-12-280937011_zpsc6a288fd.jpg
Ippudo Ramen

 photo 2014-12-271119271_zps2e744ec3.jpg
The best chicken wings at Wong Ah Wah on Jalan Alor. We also had hokkien mee and totally outta this world fried salted york squid.

 photo 2014-12-271106351_zpsb0114729.jpg
So happy to find that Christmas decorations were still up around the city!

 photo 2014-12-280132161_zpsc2f7b7fb.jpg

 photo IMG_20141228_173128_zps924ff5f4.jpg
Animal style burger & kimchi loaded fries at KGB. The burger was amaaaazing!

 photo 2014-12-311042121_zps02970d21.jpg

 photo 2014-12-311044313_zps121dbe87.jpg
Desserts at Alexis

 photo 2014-12-291259191_zps6a0ba400.jpg
Banana leaf with my love at Nirvana. 

 photo IMG_20141231_102609_zps447ae32e.jpg
My go to waffle place in KL, Inside Scoop!
Me and amanda concluded that we are only ever doing two things, eat and shop. :P

 photo 2014-12-311053141_zps445fa46e.jpg
Drinks at Marinis. This view makes me love KL a little bit more.

 photo 2014-12-300928431_zpsacd2c808.jpg
Indonesian food at Bumbu Desa. As disgusting as it may sound, the fried cow lungs were SUPER.

 photo 2014-12-311034421_zps6e2ec3f3.jpg
Nasi Lemak at Madam Kwan's. First time having it after hearing of all the hype for years!

The pictures here are not even all the food that were consumed in the past 4 days. I don't know to be ashamed or impressed with myself honestly.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! And here's to a happy new year! :)

ps: My new year resolution is obviously to be less of a glutton.

Saturday, December 6, 2014


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Had a simple but lovely birthday this year. Thank you for all the wishes, love and thoughtfulness! 

Year 25 was a year of transitions. Cannot wait to see what my 26th year has in store for me! :)